Gold is a highly valued mineral as it is a brilliant luster and an attractive color. It provides high resistance to tarnish and is priced high for its beauty and its resistance to other chemical attacks. Gold is a member of the transition metals, and it is placed on the same column as silver and copper in the periodic table. Gold was discovered a long time ago, and it has been a symbol of wealth, and many Kings possessed Gold to show their wealth. In Egypt gold has been used by the Pharaoh’s way back in 3400 BC.

Properties of Gold:

Gold has a metallic luster, and it is opaque. The metal had a rich yellow color when it is made into a thin gold sheet, and when it is transmitted in light, it has a bluish green color. Gold can conduct both heat and electricity. It is malleable and ductile and this it is used for making jewelry. An ounce of gold can be stretched even up to 300 square meters.

Gold has an extremely high density, and it has a high resistance to oxidation. Most of the metals usually oxidize when kept at room temperature, but when it comes to gold, it does not oxidize easily. Gold is also not easily affected by acids and bases.

Uses of Gold:

Gold has been used by humans for a long time, and due to its unique properties it has higher value and the following are some of the uses of gold:


Gold is highly malleable and ductile is used widely in jewelry making. Gold is perfect for making jewelry as it has a brilliant luster and it is a high resistance to oxidation.

Filling cavities:

Gold has been used to fill cavities and even crowns as it is a bio-compatible metal. The metal can be kept in contact with the human body by it does not cause any harm to the body.

Electronic device:

Being highly efficient in the conduction of heat and electricity it is used in many electronic devices. Gold is used in connectors, switches, chips, etc. Even our mobile phones have small pieces of gold in them. It is also used in motherboards and other memory chips.

Gold is a good conductor it allows the transmission of digital data from one device to another. However silver and copper are better conductors of electricity and since they are cheaper than gold they are widely used for making wires and other conducting devices.

Medical Uses:

Gold is even used to treat many ailments. Back in 2500 BC in China, physicians used gold to treat smallpox, ulcers, furuncles and gold was used to remove mercury from skin and flesh. Today gold is used to treat arthritis. When gold is kept on joints, it reduces the pain and strengthens the bones in the body.